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Vienne (30 km south of Lyon - France) - Following the tracks of the Bopkats, Dazzlers and the likes of Snappin' Boys, The BOZEFIGHTERS, first rehash of the Casas brothers and Mickey "Big Claws" Pujol, begins to travel the roads and to pour out their wild thouroughbred rock'n'roll.

The Band

The Family
Upright Bass : Mickey "Big Claws" Pujol
Vocals, Washboard : Yoze "Lonesome Bear" Kuervo
Guitar : Al "Baron of Terror" Casas
Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar : Nono "Schmoll" Jurado
Drums, screams : Jo "Cool Man" Casas
Vocals, Acoustic guitar : Jean-Paul "Hot Jaypee" Casas

The band disperse, some of them make Los Mescaleros (JP, Al, Jo their brother Tonio), Mickey joins The Happy Drivers. Later on, Jo creates The Wakes. In spite of many hazards, the sacred links uniting them will be strongest.

No way. our four jolly fellows, tryin' to revive the magical moments of their first musical years, decide to set up a new combo and to make it sound the most electro-acoustical possible : the GRIZZLY FAMILY was born ! Yoze Kuervo, called "the lonesome one", gets out of his den (hillbilly bear in the making) and adds a good layer of frenzy to the Grizzlies' shows.

Their mini-CD "Real ! Wild ! Rock !" is released (also in red vinyl). Four songs issued by the fabulous Larsen Records.

The sixth Grizzly, Noël "Nono" Jurado, delighted to take part in that crazy adventure, joins the rockin' band, with him his manyfold gifts.

The GRIZZLY FAMILY at last release their second CD as exciting as their performances on stage : CD "Burning Hot". They continue scouring their territory and their fame keeps on growing .

These hillbilly bears grunt and swing on a stormy and terribly catchy rythm. They play a music inspired by Hank Williams, Johnny Burnette, Ronnie Self, Chuck berry, fats Domino, Don Woody, Jack Scott and some others rock'n'roll killers back from the crypt.

Expect the worst but don't try to tame them : they're here for the "ROCKIN' ROLLIN' GRIZZLY DANCE".

Once on stage, you must know nothin' can stop the GRIZZLY FAMILY !
They GOT SAVAGE !!!!!!!!



Concert May 2004
Concert Beaune Mai 2004

Concert Beaune Mai 2004 Concert Beaune Mai 2004

Festival Vergeze April 2004
Festival Vergeze Avril 2004

Festival Vergeze Avril 2004 Festival Vergeze Avril 2004

Festival Vergeze Avril 2004

Concert Mars 2004
Concert Mars 2004 Concert Mars 2004


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The Spirit Of The Mountains
  1. The spirit of the mountains (Gonzalez Jose / Casas Jean-Paul) 1:49
  2. Mean Mama Blues (Marty Robbins) 2:09
  3. Midnight Train (Burlison / Mortimer / Burnette/ Burnette) 2:18
  4. The Ol' Beggar Blues (Casas Alain / Casas Jean-Paul) 2:41
  5. Tornado (Anderson / Hedges) 2:42
  6. Bad Moon Rising* (John C. Fogerty) 2:59
  7. Frenzy in the Jungle (Casas Alain / Casas Jean-Paul) 3:43
  8. Anythin' of You (Casas Alain / Casas Jean-Paul) 2:12
  9. The Big Speculator (Noel Jurado / Casas Jean-Paul) 3:07
  10. Kiddio * (Brooke Benton / Clyde Otis) 3:31
  11. She's like a dream (Casas Jean-Paul) 2:31
  12. She's Mine (Hasil Adkins) 1:28
NEW CD : Burning Hot

Burning Hot
  1. Barking up the wrong tree (Don Woody - Paul Simmons) [MP3]
  2. Just like a rocket (Jean-Paul Casas) [MP3]
  3. Bless my broken heart (Ronnie self) [MP3]
  4. Mister Doorman (Alain Casas - Jean-Paul Casas)
  5. No good lover (Mickey Baker - S. Vanderpool)
  6. Long black shiny hair (Alain Casas - Jean-Paul Casas) [MP3]
NEW CD : Burning Hot

Real Wild Rock
  1. Sea cruise (H.Smith)
  2. The dog (J.P.Casas)
  3. All I can do is cry (Wayne Walker)
  4. Get off of my back (Al & J.P.Casas)
CD : Real Wild Rock

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